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"How important is it, to have my dress professionally fitted?".....

I recently received a compliment from one of my JTBC brides in relation to her question above. The bride was attending her first fitting and was so happy with how her dress was looking at the initial 'pinning and tweaking stage' that she announced that she would cancel her newly purchased gym membership! The bride had felt that she had to hit the gym and in her words "to get in trim, to look perfect in my wedding dress".

Not wanting to go into whether a bride should 'get in trim' leading up to their wedding day.... The bride's 'quitting the gym' announcement speaks volumes on how important it is to have your wedding dress professionally fitted and how having a perfectly fitted gown can make such a difference to the look and feel of your dress.

I'm proud to stock some fabulous designers who do, without a doubt, create dresses made to a bride's measurements, to precise perfection. However, there may be some in-house dress alterations and tweaks to be done to a bride's gown to make it 'total perfection'. For Julia Tasker Bridal Couture brides, these tweaks and adjustments are carried out here in the premises of the boutique. All fittings, pinning and actual undertaking of alterations are carried out by myself, not a single dress leaves the boutique to be sent to an out-sourced seamstress. Brides who have received the 'JTBC fitting experience' in the past, have since mentioned that having the knowledge and in their words 'their newly arrived designer wedding dress, was in safe hands while when being altered', was extremely reassuring for them.

Fitting facts and tips...

1// Timings
Most standard alterations (tweaking of the dress bodice and shortening of the hemline etc) fittings usually start around 6-8 weeks prior to a bride's wedding day. A bride usually will require 2-3 fittings if the dress has been made for the bride by one of the boutiques' designers.

2// Wedding weight
Ideally, a bride should be at her ideal weight when final measurements are taken for her dress. However, if the bride's body shape changes after final measurement. most dresses are relatively easy to alter and tweak. If your dress is a 'tricky' style to alter then you will be advised at your final measure appointment.

3// What to bring
Bra, wedding shoes (often forgotten, ooops) and preferably seamless pants, particular if you're wearing a fitted dress. Advice on suitable underwear can be given prior to your fittings. Also, just a quick tip...wear minimal make-up and no fake tan, as you wouldn't want it rubbing onto your new pristine dress! Better to be safe than sorry.

4// Attendees
Best not to bring an entourage of people with you to your fittings. Ideally, come by yourself or with mum or a bridesmaid.

5// Alterations costs
Alterations costs are not included in the dress price. Costs do vary depending on what alterations are needed to be carried out to the dress. An estimate of cost is often given when your dress is ordered or purchased.

If you haven't purchased your dress from Julia Tasker Bridal Couture, seeking professional seamstress is a must or ask your chosen bridal boutique. For those brides that have purchased their dress here at the boutique, you'll receive an exceptional alteration and fit service...

One final note.... take a look at Chanel's fifth fashion top tip!

Until next time.

Julia X

Me fitting #JTBC bride Sarah in her Sassi Holford dress, image by Andrea Pickering Photography
Chanel - WhoWhatWearUK via Pinterest.


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