Button up back VS lace up back //

Can't decide if you want a lace up or button up fastening on your wedding dress? While it may be difficult to choose, as each dress fastening has it's own benefits and appearance. .

If want your dress to have that more bespoke hand finished 'look' a button up back will give your dress a little more va va vum. These little satin covered buttons with their fine fabric looped fastening, simply add 'that little bit extra' to your dress, this tiny details says that the designer has considered every part of the design you are wearing. A laced back may give a more romantic look to the back of your dress. Also the flexibility is a definite good point, where the dress can be eased out and or pulled in. For me and a buttoned back dress gives the dress a more expensive and timeless feel and let's face it, all brides want their dress to look item of luxury that it is and to high-quality of finish. A button up back gives your dress this perception.

Although a buttoned back may not offer the flexibility when it comes to sizing, unlike a lace up back, but with the right fit a button up can give you as fabulous shape too. It can also offers more security to the fit and there is no 'give' in the back of the dress, as can be with a lace up back when the dress is worn. 

Most brides these days opt for a buttoned back dress and love this hand finished 'Couture' detailing down the back of their dress. All of our boutique designers, Sassi Holford, Caroline Castigliano, Stephanie Allin and Ritva Westenius create their dresses with a hand finished button up fastening. And on the odd occasion when a dress is designed with a zip or lace up fastening, in my experience the majority of brides request the dress fastening to be replaced with a button up. There's just something about that line of delicate buttons and loops that sit together so prettily down the back of wedding dresses, brides just can't get enough of these dainty bespoke details.

Sassi Holford

Caroline Castigliano

Stephanie Allin

Ritva Westenius


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