Successful Bridesmaid dress shopping / top tips //

When it comes to what your Bridesmaids will wear, why not consider my simple top tips...

// Take time to consider how you want your Bridesmaids to look on your wedding day. Browse through bridal magazines, wedding blogs and Pinterest looking at different dress styles and shapes. Try to pick a style that will complement your wedding dress but not look too similar. Also, consider the theme of your wedding, are you having a traditional wedding, a vintage wedding, or a boho wedding? Consider the time of year, for instance, if it's an early spring wedding you may wish to look soft pastel colour/s for your bridesmaids.

// Once you have decided on a particular style of dress then consider if it will suit all your bridesmaids. It's best to search for a style that will flatter the different sizes and shapes. A-line shapes and empire waists tend to suit most figures. Light fabrics like chiffon or satin also tend to suit most bridesmaids. If your bridesmaids range from small to tall - tea length dresses tend to suit most heights. You may also want to consider different necklines which suit your individual bridesmaids but keeping the same skirt shape and length in this case.

// If you're unsure whether 'one style fits all', then simply 'mix it up' and pick styles that suit each individual maid. Even let them choose a style that they are happy wearing, but try to keep all of your maids in the same tone or colour. (I love the soft apricot colour of these dresses)

// Alternatively, choose either one colour that suits all or choose colours that sit well together as a colour story eg a pastel palette or bright colour group (like the image below). If you decide to mix your colours up, consider keeping the same style of dress throughout so your ladies look like your bridesmaids and not part of your wedding guest list.

// If your bridesmaids are purchasing their dress themselves, consider choosing a style and colour of dress that they can wear again. Also, decide on a budget that everyone can afford. When you head out bridesmaid dress shopping ask 2-3 of your maids to go with you. If you have more than 3 bridesmaids, taking them all on your bridesmaid's dress search could end in disaster with too many opinions. Look at styles and colours with your chosen 'searching maids' and get their opinion too. Once you've decided on a style and colour option get everyone involved. Send them photos and details of your chosen bridesmaid dress/es and get their approval too. There's nothing worse than an unhappy bridesmaid wearing a dress that she particularly dislikes.

// Separates, a combination of  skirts and tops are a key look for bridesmaids at the moment and a great alternative if you are really stuck for choosing dresses to suit all your maids. When choosing colour of separates, I would say yes to a different colour top to the skirt but keep colour choice consistent for all of your  bridesmaids.

// I know from experience, that not all bridesmaids feel comfortable wearing dresses. Why not give them the option of having an elegant trouser suit in a matching colour to all the other bridesmaids instead? This is a great way to compromise with those who don't really want to wear a dress.

// Try to be flexible (as much as you can) as there is nothing worse than an unhappy bridesmaid wearing a dress that she particularly dislikes. Keep an open mind and be understanding to your bridesmaids. Your bridesmaids should be there to support you too and all being well, will work with your vision. Overall have fun together!

What problems have you had when finding your bridesmaid dresses?


I'm pleased to announce that I now offer a 'Simply Maid' made-to-measure bridesmaid dress service here in the boutique. At the moment, this service is only offered to brides that have purchased their wedding dress here at Julia Tasker Bridal Couture. If you are a JTBC bride who would like to know more about the new 'Simply Maid' service I provide, and to make an appointment to discuss having bespoke dresses made for your bridesmaids, please get in touch for a 'Simply Maid' consultation. Dress prices vary depending on chosen style/s and fabrics. A quote for your bespoke maids can be given at your 'Simply Maid' consultation. 
'Simply Maid' consultations are to be booked a minimum 8 months prior to your wedding day. Bespoke bridesmaid spaces are limited, so if you a 2016 bride-to-be and are interested in having your bridesmaids designed and made for you by me, please do get in touch asap.

Until next time...

Julia x 
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