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Shoes, I love shoes, don't you? But when it comes to choosing your wedding shoes it can be a quite troublesome as there are thousands of pairs out there. So how do you, as a bride, start looking for the right wedding shoe? It can be a hopeless mind-field of constant searching, trying and re trying. So here are my top tips for shoe searching, to help you along the way.

1 // Colour.
Firstly you need to decide what colour shoe you are going to wear. If your dress is ivory, are you going to go for a traditional ivory shoe or be a bit daring and go for a coloured statement shoe instead? Choosing what colour of shoe you are going to wear before you head out shoe hunting will definitley help to narrow down your initial search.

2 // Glittered or crystal embellished shoes.
Ok, so I you're a bit magpie and like sparkly things, so you might consider a glittered or crystal shoe? However be warned, I've had many glittered shoes enter the boutique and as beautiful as they are, occasionally the glitter from the shoe has rubbed off onto the hemline of the brides dress. Ooops! If your choice is a glittered shoe, check that the glitter is well fixed onto the shoes and is going nowhere. The glitter on the hemline can easily be remedied but it's something to watch out for and avoid. For shoes embellished with crystals or with a buckle detail on the front, check that the shoe embelishment is well attached and the crystals are smooth with no rough edges, as you wouldn't want to get your dress hemline caught on the front of your shoe when walking down to aisle.

3 // Comfort and height.
Opt for a shoe heel height that you are comfortable with and a heel size that you generally wear. I personally think a 3" heel is ample height without making your feet sore. If you like a larger heel for instance a 4" or above, then consider a shoe with a built-in hidden platform for extra comfort.
When it comes to flats and pumps, well, if I'm completely honest I wouidn't suggest a flat shoe unless the terrain where you are getting married determines this, i.e. a beach wedding. Flats can simply make you walk 'flat footed' and give you no grace of movement at all when walking in your wedding dress. You don't want to look like you're plodding down the aisle! If you are considering flats, maybe opt for a small 'kitten heel' shoe instead with a 1 1/2" - 2" heel.

4 // Consider your venue.
You may be getting married in a country church where the aisle is flagged with stone, having an out door reception or even a beach wedding. Think about your venue/s when choosing your shoes. If the church is old and has an uneven floor, you might not want to wear a stiletto heel that can get caught in the cracks. Thin heels on a lawn don't work well either - you'll be sinking into the grass. So for this terrain you might want to choose a shoe with a thicker heel or even a wedged shoe. For a beach wedding, I would suggest going for a gorgeous pair of sandals/pumps or wedges.

5 // Weather resistant.
Think about the time of year you are getting married. If it's a winter wedding here in the UK, it's more likely going to be wet or even snowy. So you may want to think about purchasing a pair of 'Wedding Wellies', I know these don't sound very glamourous, but these white wellies may be a practical consideration when you are hopping in and out of your wedding car inbetween venues or heading outdoors for photos. At least when you walk through the puddles and snow, you won't ruin your lovely wedding shoes. Have you bridesmaid on hand too, for a quick wellie to shoe change when needed and leave the wellies in the church porch as you head down the aisle.

Overall I think comfort over beauty when it comes to shoes, as you could be on your feet for most of the day, having photos taken, meeting your guests and dancing in the evening. But whatever shoe type you end up with, simply enjoy wearing them, as you will your wedding dress.

Until next time.

Julia x

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