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Just recently wedding dresses have taken a more fitted, slightly sexier shape and a column or semi fitted dress have been amongst the popular dress shapes here in the boutique of late. Take for instance the beautiful column shaped silhouette of Sassi Holford's 'Jessica' dress or the simple silhouette of Ritva Westenius 'Levezza' dress. If you find yourself in love with this type of dress, you've probably been thinking 'what type of underwear should I wear under my dress'?...

Sassi Holford 'Jessica' dress

Ritva Westenius 'Levezza' dress
What bra of should I wear under my column shaped dress? // 
It's not very often a bride needs to wear a bra under a dress of this style. This is because the majority of the dresses here in the boutique are made to each individual bride's measurements and the dresses fully corseted. Also, the dresses are 'moulded' into beautiful feminine shape when created, so the addition of a bra is not required. In some instances where a little more support is needed, I simply will stitch bra cups into your dress. However, if your dress has no structure at all, then this is another story and I'll tackle underwear for unstructured dresses another time.

What type of pant should I wear under my column shaped dress? // 
This is where you'll have to do a little extra searching and shopping. For a slimmer dress that is form fitting around the hips and bottom, I would suggest to target this area with a bit of shape-wear. Choose seamless pants where the waist is high so that the top of the pant sits under the internal corset of your dress (if your dress has one) and the leg of the pant sits just above the knee. Choose a pant that is white or ivory and not nude in colour. Also, possibly it may be worth choosing your next size up, as shape-wear items can be quite tight. Going for the next size up may avoid lines and pulling in at the waist and around the tight area where the pants finish. So time to hit the high-street and go shape-wear shopping - Marks and Spencer is a good place to start, many a JTBC brides has covered her bottom with a pair of M & S firm control pants!

Right shape, wrong colour - choose white or ivory
Watch this space for further tips on what to wear and not what to wear under different styles of wedding dress.

Until next Tuesday...

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  1. Why do you suggest to wear white vs. nude colors? I'm very curious since I've had to learn the hard way when wearing write dresses not to wear white underwear :)

    I did buy some nude spanx recently-- but maybe I should buy white then? Thank you!


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