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"Three words, stylish, urban and chic"
A chic city wedding in May.

Helen & Martin
Wedding day: 25th May 2013.

I really can not get over how time just flies by so quickly, and can not believe that it's nearly a year ago since Helen and Martin were married. They tied the knot at a unique city center art gallery - 'The Biscuit Factory'  in Newcastle last May. 
Here is Helen's story....

Tell me about your wedding day. 
We wanted our day to be a casual experience, a celebration of our relationship with family and friends. It was a bespoke wedding, in an urban art gallery in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne. It was an amazing and wonderful day!

Did you have a 'theme' for your wedding day, what was your inspiration? 
Three words: stylish, urban and CHIC!

What about your dress? 
At my first appointment in the boutique I described to Julia the type of wedding that Martin and I were planning, and the wedding venue that we were to be married at. Julia said that she had just the dress for me, and she did. She showed me an off the shoulder dress by British bridal designer Ritva Westenius. It was simple, elegant, understated and just me! The dress suited the day and more importantly, ME!

Tell me a little about the other aspects of your wedding.
I had 3 bridesmaids who wore grey chiffon dresses which were knee length. The dresses also had a pleat detailing at the bust and the bridesmaids also wore blue shoes! 
The wedding flowers were a combination of peonies and hydrangeas. My bouquet was full of beautiful pale pink peonies and the bridesmaids carried white hydrangeas. The tables at our wedding venue were decorated with floral arrangements which were placed in jam jars. 
I made our wedding cake myself, (Martin and I are both chefs and I specialise in making desserts). The cake was a combination of 3 cakes of chocolate, hazelnut and passion fruit, which were arranged, iced and decorated in chocolate.

What's your favourite memory of your special day Helen?
The whole day was just wonderful, perfect and one big party! A group of friends decorated our wedding venue, while the food was cooked and served by friends, colleagues and fellow chefs. It was an amazing day, Marin and his best man both looked wonderful in their blue suits too!

How was your wedding dress experience at Julia Tasker Bridal Couture.
My sister-in-law Lisa recommended Julia's boutique after she had bought her wedding dress from there too. Julia was great, she was always lovely and showed a wealth of experience in bridal.

And finally, what advice would you give to other brides that are planning their wedding day?
Don't get stressed, it's a big party. RELAX and ENJOY!!

*Images shown and text were provided and used with the permission of the bride.
Photographer and images by - Topher McGrillis

A big thank you to Helen and Martin for letting me share their wonderful day with other Brides-2-Be.

Julia x

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